Dying isn’t always sad.

The eternal timer finally sounds
The final act of dying.
All alone with self
No tears no crying

It’s not sad to die
When sat upon the chair
Practical dying
The dying of ones hair

Dedicated to Mary

Who was dying alone this evening

The last gun fell silent.

The last gun fell silent,
After 9 million soldiers fell.
The sound of silence
After the rage of hell.
To stand in no man’s land
Your feet in poppy crimson red.
Listen to the silence
Of 9 million Whispering from the dead.
The silent whisper loudly
From graves to be marked in white
With silence we remember
The cost of the great wars fight.
Once each year they speak to us
And quietly silent say..
“Remember this moment”
“11th hour, 11th month 11th day”

Home time

It’s 10 to 4 and almost time to go

10 minutes away from the home time door.

Tick tock tick tock I am counting down.

The Friday feel, to smile from frown.

The clock is passing, what shall I do?

5 minutes more and no more blue.

It’s getting closer and closer still,

3 minutes left and time to kill.

Almost here, with moments to go

1 minute now, before the home time door.

This poem has taken 10 minutes of time.

And I’ve killed and filled by penning rhyme.

Bye bye, now its 4

At the end of this sentence

I’m through the door 🚪

Valley steps

Memories of the old times
Fondness gazing back
Precomplexity moments
Only wisdom did I lack.
Running the valley pathway
Through streets and mountain way.
Chatting on the steps
Until the cease of day.
Random conversations
Accompanied looks of distain
And lacking wisdom
Not thinking with my brain.
Was it distain or teasing
As daylight to dusk did turn.
Not in my youthfulness
Did I ever learn.
But as I grew older,
Along a complex path
I still look back with fondness
At two teens, innocent laugh.
Parallel lives that journey
Connected along the way.
But no longer Precomplexity
As life goes forward
Life’s complications has its way.
Could I change it?
If time travel button press?
If I ask the question?
Would the answer be yes.

Time with a good heart

Gentle wind of change, that whispers like a prayer.

Slowly usher with love filled palm

To a new world, still yet unimagined

Steadily resistant to corrupt ignorant mistakes.

Fortifying the resolve of a good man.

Time tenderly ticks tiredly tenacious.

As the road seems ever long changing quietly without notice..

Standing at the apex of history.

A new imagined place.

Where is the enquiring mind?

Where is the enquiring mind?
Nostalgia baked in the plaice of lies
Packaged served.
Stuck to our eyes.
What do we see?
If we see at all?
Ingested, infested
Make our world small.
Afraid to awake the enquiring mind.
Scared to be open to what we might find.
Unfiltered absorbance of multinarrative.
Unquestioning digestion of 21st manor.
Scofing and gorging
From the media table.
Breathe, step back,
If we are able.
Caught in the tide of information flow.
Tossed along where’er, don’t know.
Throw me the life line of an enquiring mind
Untie the snare that bind,
And let me see the Sun.

Deceptively Spacious

The agent proclaimed when showing buyers around

“it’s deceptively Spacious” for there’s room to be found.

In nocks and in crannies there’s plenty of space

Take a look, take your time, view at your pace!

What is deceptively Spacious? A molecular trick?

To entice the buyer to this house to pick.

Can I squeeze in this cove, a wardrobe so large?

“Of course” says the agent resembling Nigel Farage.

And you buy that small house so deceptively large.

Mansion inside, outside a barge

Full to the rafters piled with your shit

Squashing in furniture to tightly fit.

“Deceptively Spacious” is what the agent said.

The reality “Deceptively Spacious” is the estate agents HEAD!!

Weekend welcome

Friday the gateway to weekend
From Monday foe my Friday friend.
How I longed for your company sweet.
Kick off my shoes, put up my feet.
The comfort of Saturday morn
The lay in bed and yawn.
Sunday the final day of rest
Until Monday and rat race fest


A day like no other
two towers in the sky
The day they fell
Left us asking why
Like brothers standing together
Fell at each others side
We never forget
Mothers fathers brothers sisters son and daughters that died.
September 11th
Forget we never will.
Remembering the fallen
In silence standing still.

Welsh homecoming

To be Welsh is to be excited at a bridge.
Homeward bound to pay a toll,
Sing to keep a welcome,
As over the seven you roll.
To the welcome of gathered clouds
To the valley rain so near
A few miles to the land,
Land held so dear.
Then arrive apon the hallowed ground.
Your beloved Wales is found.
And sigh of relief expel.
Relax, and know. All is well.

Hope & Despair

Hope and Despair travelled the road,

They walked side by side.

Sometimes Despair rushed along

Hope would appear to hide.

Despair would race

At superhuman pace

Leaving hope without a trace,

Despair arrived in a lonely place.

Despair panicked, Calling out for Hope

Despair gasped for breath, feeling he’d choke.

Hope wasn’t far behind

But Despair in his panic blind

Couldn’t see Hope,

He couldn’t find.

Hope gently touched Despair.

Despair was glad Hope was there.

The Idyllic Man

In a small Idyllic town
Lived a small Idyllic man
Who you saw driving
A small Idyllic van.
And in his van Idyllic
He kept his Idyllic gift
And attend the lost and weary
Offering them a lift.
Enter they would downtrodden
And spill out all their woes
He would lend a listening ear
As they cried and spoke their lows.
Out spilling hearts of trouble
To the Idyllic little man
As they bare their problems
Ridding in the Idyllic little van.
And listening intently
With word of comfort here and there.
The Idyllic little man
Would show a little care.
And when the journey ended
And the destination reached
They knew they’d be listened to
And not patronised or preached.
Some would thank him
As they left the Idyllic van
But all would receive a gift
From the small Idyllic man.
He’d open the back
Pulling out the Idyllic gift.
It was a little box
So heavy, they couldn’t lift.
They’d say “how can it take it?”
To the small Idyllic man
With a smile he’d put it back.
In his small Idyllic van.
“You don’t” he said
“I keep it because I cared”
“it contains all the worries
And problems that you shared”
Slightly lighter they travelled onwards
But more freely they ran
Because of a listening friend.
Who’s your Idyllic little man?

Empathy Road

Empathic travel along life’s Road

Walking in shoes not owned.

All perspective other than own

To allow your mind to feel,

To touch, to know that other

The love of child by mother,

The loyal stance of brother,

The ernest lament of another.

To walk in shoes not my own

The weary heart alone.

Joy filled sunshine of family life

Heartache of family strife.

Ups and downs. Ins and outs.

The raving lunatic that shouts.

Can you step out of life that’s yours

And feel momentarily someone else’s cause.

To dare from insular shell to crawl

To feel for someone else’s fall.

To share happiness with no jealous trait.

To be a solid empathic mate.

This is Empathy Road.

It’s too hot to write a poem

It’s too hot to write a poem

In this heat wave, at this time.

Too lethargic and weary,

To put words to rhyme.

If only I had the energy

To find a creative spurt

In the blistering heat

And dry cracked dirt.

Where are you my energy?

Sapped by prolonged heat!

Unable to write poetry

From my tired seat.

Too hot and bothered

Too finish the next line

I’ll just sit here drinking

My glass of red warm….

Quiet & Loud

Quiet and loud
went on a date
Quiet waited.
Loud was late.
Loud, triumphantly entered
Causing a stir.
Quiet sat there,
Smiling, all demur.
“Sorry I’m late”
Boomed loud all excited
Quiet his charm
Didn’t fight it.
“Can I get you a drink? ”
Loud asked quiet
“May I have coke?
And please may it be diet? ”
“Bar keep a coke!
And make it diet!
For my lovely date!
Wonderful quiet!”
They tried to date,
But it was a disasterous riot.
Because where loud is;
You can’t have quiet!

Social loneliness

We friend request.
We chat and comment,
Any time day or night
A friend on line, in sight.
Unable to put our phone down
Companions to seek
No response, no like
The future very Bleak
Connection electronics
Poking, liking, share
But no touch, no intimacy,
Real human care.
Connected more than ever
Technologies gift.
More loneliness than ever
Technological rift.
Advanced communication
Is no communication at all.
If true relationship communication,
Under the bus,
Does fall.


Enslaved to what I’m told to think
Trapped inside society.
Drunk in conformity,
Unable to find sobriety.
In my mouth from babe in arms
Thrust societies feed
Where’s the Nurturing voice?
To think myself?
From conformity freed?
Schooled and cloned to pass the test.
Congratulations, your done!
Now join the rest.
In box, in square, put in there
Never at the corners tear
Never venture out the box
Putting on the same old socks.
Time onward ticks and tocks.
Building up conformity blocks.
Put down you phone
Switch off TV
Dare open the door?
And see….

Master of the Yard

As the evening sets on Brewery Yard,
With orange yellow glow,
The Master makes his rounds,
Through the terraced row.
He slinks on through
The open doors
As king of the yard
He walks the floors.
Not a care, not a thought,
No approval is sought
The black and white feline frame
Never ever will you tame.
Proud predictory precious paws
Wondering the the open doors.
You may spy him where your sat
The master of the yard! Scooter cat.

Fathers & Dads

Fathers, dads past and present
You will always fill our mind
Unique to our lives
No other to find.
You were and are
Our solid ground
When lost and sad
Your hug was found.
It’s easy to be a father
But I’m eternally glad
You weren’t just father
You are a loving dad.

One reason why not


School today? What feelings provoked?
Anxiety high depression low.
Head down, no eye contact made.
The corridors, your motion slow.
Avoiding jocks, planning route.
Make it to class?
Hoping to make it
Through those you pass.
Make it to class,
A ping on your phone
You look down
Feeling very alone.
A message, a picture,
Your heart in your throat
Uneasy reading a bullying gloat.
Alone in your class
Surrounded by threat
Just being there making you sweat.
The ring of the bell
A break, but not for you!
You seek shelter
You hide in the loo.
Locked in a cubicle
Blocking out sound
Hoping desperately
Not to be found.
Repeat repeat
That day that week
Weeks into years
The hallways you sneak.
At home in your room
Your dad asks “You ok?”
“Good” you reply
At pretence you play.
Another message
Can’t get away
It carries on
Even after school day.
Thinking of ending it?
No where to turn?
Why can’t it stop!?
Peace you yearn.
You’re not alone.
There’s a place to go
People care
Click the link below




Most regrettable information
Made real impact
Measuring revealed illness
Makes reflection inevitable
Magical revealing instrument
Medically relevant intervention
Magnetic resonance imaging.

This poem was inspired by a question on twitter, asking if a MRI could inspire poetry?

Parallel lives

Live life full to snow capped mountains.

Valley depths of cavernous flow

High potential seek fulfilment

Hide and slumber mine shafts low.

Seek the good and meditation

Closed eyes cower with condemnation.

Parallel lives a contemplation

Which path was my flow.

The Ginger Green Eyed Cat.

The ginger green eyed cat
Did a bit of this, a bit of that.
Prowling the streets alone
Scouring for a house so prone
Looking for an unlocked flap
Come in your house and knap.
Devour from a left out plate
Leave your house a right old state.
He didn’t care it wasn’t his
Leaving a clue of ginger fizz.
The green eyed ginger cat
On other people’s food grew fat.
His muddy paws stain your mat.
What you think of that?
He’d come on in, steal your milk
Be gone before you blink.
Never gave a thought at all
Stealing, adding to his haul.
The ginger green eyed cat.
Did a bit of this, a bit of that!

No words for friends

It was a long journey for two friends

They rested a little while

They’d wandered many a field and hill

Crossing many a style.

They said nothing as they sat

And watched the golden sky

Listening to the song bird.

Time just passed on by.

“it’s been worth it?”

Said one friend to the other.

“it has indeed.”

Replied the friend, more like brother.

They didn’t say much that day.

They knew each other well.

They’d always been there

For when the other fell.

Some friendships need no words

Rooted in solid ground.

They were just thankful

For the friendship they had found.

Ads don’t lie!

A Mars a day
Helps you work, rest & play
Well that’s what the ad
All those years did say
So took the advise
And 40 years on
The resting was right
And all my teeth gone
Sat on my sofa
To big too play
I’m glad I listened
To what the ad did say.

The bride 👰

Hair brushed,
Air brushed,
Hidden behind a veil,
Whats the truth behind the tale?
Fairy tale? tell tale?
What’s inside your mind?
When the veil is unveiled…
What truth lay inside?

Great Expectations

We are the youth of today
The problem of tomorrow
I know nothing
But drugs and sorrow.
Family issues
No one cares
Start a fight
Cos He stares.
Life is hard
So keep up my guard
Won’t let you in
Hide in Gin.
Scared to trust
Hurt all my life
That’s why I take up the knife.
Societies expectations
I cannot meet
And find friends
In crime on street.
But I long for a better life
Someone to reach for me
To help me out
To help me see
Will I be a statistic
In a hopeless nation
Or will you see my worth
With Great expectation.

Dedicated to the great work of Great Expectations

Please check out their website



Sunshine rays wash my face.
Basked in warmth and light.
Like positivity projected
No matter my personal plight.
Whether sorrow surrounded
Or happiness enveloped
It shines where I stand
My emotions developed.
Where I am it speaks
Whether eroding or I thrive
It speaks one thing universal
It tells me I’m alive.


Joy beyond measure lapping your sole

Breeze so surrounding, senses alive.

Sun on your face, warmth embraced.

Beating heart living more than survive.

Living worth living

Purpose and goal

This how!

The world should roll.

Save East Sussex Music

Bob Bob Bob
sing it in the street
You can do it.
Hear the music beat.

East Sussex musicians
United and play aloud
To councillors and people
And the gathering crowd.

Don’t cut the music funding
Let the music speak
That’s transformed lives already
To fulfilled from once Bleak.

Music that inspired children
Giving them hope and worth
Giving a path much better
Making this a better earth.

Bob you can do it.
You can make it right
Don’t cut the music funding
East Sussex future bright.


Albert The little Bear. 🐻

Little Albert the clever bear

Would often pause and stare.

Looking at people passing along.

When he they saw would sing a song.

In front of him place a hat

People loud say “Well look at that!”

They marveled at Albert bear sing

And recorded it on a video thing

And post the clip on line

Where Albert sung wonderfully fine.

But no money they placed in his hat

He’d wonder why they didn’t do that.

Even though they clapped and smiled

It drove little Albert wild.

And that’s when it had to stop

Along came a move along cop.

“You can’t be here a complaints been filed.”

“Wild bears by definition belong in the wild.”

“Come on hurry your little feet”

“People don’t want you in their street.”

So he put on his empty hat

Thinking “Well what you think of that”

Into the wild, off he trott

Little Albert the bear forgot.



Trump the oxymoron

It’s because I’m very very great.

And an educated oxymoron.

That divides and conqueres

To hide my biggest bestest con.

Say something, say something else

Reiterate I’m the very best

Belittle with no evidence

Must say it with zest.

They are all liars!

You know, the ones that don’t agree.

I’ll come back to you on that

And mark my words, you’ll see.

You’ll never find anyone

More honest than I.

It’s all of the others

That tell fake news, lie.

They are very very bad

And it all their fault.

Bad men seeking evidence

In my lawyers vault.

It’s an attack on me

An attack on the land of the free.

Fellow Americans I urge you.

“Only listen to me!”

Age Old Tradition

Into the tavern they tarried not
A throw back era time forgot.
There they doff their gloves and coat
Happy hour, the ale they smote
Twas a happy place to have thy fun
For 2 pie and chips, the price of one.
Merriment for one and all
Until the last order call.
Then Don their coat and gloves
Made hast to their true loves.
The eve was late and off they walked
Slurring staggering as they talked.
The world to right, they placed well.
But in the morn unable to tell,
What world solutions found,
But went to work instead.

Get away

Hustle bustle of seaside town

Gulls that swoop on chips and fish.

Sand in sandwich, life enrich.

Leave your troubles.

Stroll the front, breathe the air

Away metropolis, shed all care.

Don off the busy

Embrace the now.

Leave behind the fattened cow.

Regards to nature

Warm embrace

Feel the sun apon your face.