Deceptively Spacious

The agent proclaimed when showing buyers around

“it’s deceptively Spacious” for there’s room to be found.

In nocks and in crannies there’s plenty of space

Take a look, take your time, view at your pace!

What is deceptively Spacious? A molecular trick?

To entice the buyer to this house to pick.

Can I squeeze in this cove, a wardrobe so large?

“Of course” says the agent resembling Nigel Farage.

And you buy that small house so deceptively large.

Mansion inside, outside a barge

Full to the rafters piled with your shit

Squashing in furniture to tightly fit.

“Deceptively Spacious” is what the agent said.

The reality “Deceptively Spacious” is the estate agents HEAD!!

2 thoughts on “Deceptively Spacious

  1. Brilliant! We’ve all been there… the word compact springs to mind too to describe smaller than average spaces!


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