Where is the enquiring mind?

Where is the enquiring mind?
Nostalgia baked in the plaice of lies
Packaged served.
Stuck to our eyes.
What do we see?
If we see at all?
Ingested, infested
Make our world small.
Afraid to awake the enquiring mind.
Scared to be open to what we might find.
Unfiltered absorbance of multinarrative.
Unquestioning digestion of 21st manor.
Scofing and gorging
From the media table.
Breathe, step back,
If we are able.
Caught in the tide of information flow.
Tossed along where’er, don’t know.
Throw me the life line of an enquiring mind
Untie the snare that bind,
And let me see the Sun.

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