One reason why not


School today? What feelings provoked?
Anxiety high depression low.
Head down, no eye contact made.
The corridors, your motion slow.
Avoiding jocks, planning route.
Make it to class?
Hoping to make it
Through those you pass.
Make it to class,
A ping on your phone
You look down
Feeling very alone.
A message, a picture,
Your heart in your throat
Uneasy reading a bullying gloat.
Alone in your class
Surrounded by threat
Just being there making you sweat.
The ring of the bell
A break, but not for you!
You seek shelter
You hide in the loo.
Locked in a cubicle
Blocking out sound
Hoping desperately
Not to be found.
Repeat repeat
That day that week
Weeks into years
The hallways you sneak.
At home in your room
Your dad asks “You ok?”
“Good” you reply
At pretence you play.
Another message
Can’t get away
It carries on
Even after school day.
Thinking of ending it?
No where to turn?
Why can’t it stop!?
Peace you yearn.
You’re not alone.
There’s a place to go
People care
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