Tony the vegan T-Rex

Millions of years ago this day
A jurassic time indeed
There was an ethical dinosaur
That insisted on ethical feed.
The climate, it was changing
The food supply was low
The weather was getting different
With this new jurassic snow.
Tony the T-Rex decided
That climate change to beat
He’d switch to nuts and berrys
Cutting out triceratops meat.
The other Rex laughed at him
Picking nuts with tiny hands
Whilst the other Rex continued
Plundering the changing lands.
No one listened to tony
With his radical new found views
The word fake wasn’t around then
So they called it erroneous news.
Then came the extension event
Qicker than a raptor blinked
No more were the dinosaurs;
Deceased, mortified, extinct.
65 million years later
New dinosaurs exist
They ignore the lesson.
The point they totally missed.

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