Topsy-turvy world

I live in a world where a president mocks a child

Where infants speak injustice, standing side by side.

Where money makes decisions at the expense of what is good.

And greed and want and indulgence stand, where once morals stood.

Where men kicking spheres are worshiped and adored..

Paid millions by the Topsy-turvy hoard

Topsy-turvy thinking in a Topsy-turvy world

Better off with filters than reality unfurled.

Living for the moment, thinking tiny thoughts.

“it’s fine” just ignore the science reports.

Imagine for one moment.. That we switched the way we think

What world would see, opening eyes from dreamy blink.

Ah but you are dreamers living in my world

Keep your thinking wrapped and not unfurled.

For you live in my Manor, this Topsy-turvy place

You’re not welcome to show your subversive face.

I will suppress you with your well meaning chat

For this is Topsy-turvy world we’ll have no more of that.

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