Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And I’d not bought a jot.
For my entire family
Presents were still to be got.
So off to the garage
I flew like a flash
Hoping id been paid
And had enough cash.
24 hour garage,
A god send indeed.
For practical gifts
Like charger and lead.
My bestest thinking cap
I donned on my head
The first item I purchased
For Uncle Fred…
A can of lynx,
A choice of all two,
A quandary,
What would I do?
The wide range of choice
In this 24 hour spar
And settled I did,
On lynx Africa.
My mother, my father
I still had to buy
This seasonal pressure
I wanted to cry.
I paused for a moment
And took a deep sigh,
And readied myselfFor the next Christmas buy.
And off on a frenzy
I continue to shop
Onward and upwards
Shop till I drop.
My mother some hair dye
To deal with her roots.
My father some kiwi polish
For his very fine boots.
Aunt Mable loves allsorts
Plenty of things,
So into the basket
A reduced DVD of Mary Poppins.
Then last of all my sister.
The perfect item before my very eyes,
Best before the 24th, A six pack of mince pies!
All smug with my purchases
This Christmas shopping aint hard
And to top it off, a 99p extra value Christmas card.

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