Raindrops patter upon the playground pools.

The gangs of kids like monkeys in the zoo.

Fastinated, encapsulated, imagination unbound.

The boys play army with an armoury of sticks.

Tripping up each other, for thrills and kicks.

Clusters of children with idiosyncratic minds

Each their imagination open to unwind.

Free in the playground, playing out their life.

Where is that playground in our latter times.

Hidden, obscured, amidst the growing rules.

Conforming cajoling rules that prepare us well.

For working to pay the mortgage in the houses that we dwell.

Rember the playground where we left our unbound dreams?

The playground full of hope, potential packed in all its seams.

Stop this silly playing and put on this grey suit.

Forget your ambition, your child thoughts mute!

Join the race of rats and scurry well made runs.

Put down your sticks and pick up the real guns.

Dare you dream? With innocence of mind?

Who knows what future we may find?

Jump in pools of puddles and Muddy that grey suit.

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