The leaf

The leaf falls from the tree,

When the time is right.

This is the story prior

To its fall from living height.

Twas the spring in sunshine welcome

That its birth and life did start

And breath and living

From its chlorophyll heart.

It gave the air we breathe

As spring sprang forth to summer.

Journey to another season

Before its final slumber.

And long, that summer’s happy days

Basked in such golden light

Then summer to autumn

Ready its fall from height.

In the senescence of life

Oh contemplating leaf

Bid farewell.

Leaving autumn grief.

Laid to rest on earthy ground

Autumn turned to winter

As gently snow was found.

Then as the circle was complete

Winter giving birth to spring

Something miraculous

Again a new born thing.

The new leaf born

At that very height

Welcomed by the new spring sun.

Basking in its light.

Dedicated to Nancy. “There is poetry in everything”

Poetry of every day

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