​Rainbow through the clouds

(Dedicated to the cotswold youth singers) 
Dare to hope

And dare to be, 

Different to what

Ignorant people see
Don’t lose your passion

While those around you frown

Press on and upwards.

Don’t let the haters get you down.
For when you’re young

Dare to dream.

Be the cat,

That’s got the cream.
Buck the trend.

Challenge oppression

But do it with love

And no aggression.
So in a world,

That’s lost it’s way

Remember these words

This is your day.
And whilst there are acts

of horrific crime.

Take note,

Of these words in rhyme.
You are our tomorrow

And our today.

Through your hope

Let your music play.
Sing of rainbows

Through troubled clouds.

Sing to the hopeless

Gathered crowds.
And let not,

Any sadness linger.

For you are the voice of hope

A Cotswold Youth Singer.

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