If I was born 

If I was born 
If I were born in a land not like here

Or far away in country not my own

What would I see? what would I hear? 

Would I have friends or be very alone. 

If I knew not peace and only war

And domination was the rule of law

Would I be the same old me

Would I still be filled with bigotry 

If my plight were different 

My privilege gone

Would I be me

Or would I see the wrong. 

If my life were threatened 

And horrors were my life

Would my morals go

Would I pick up the knife. 

But I sit and watch the idiot box

Safe from harm with no Brain engage

Spouting opinion 

With total rage

Damn immigrants 

Coming here it’s hell 

You know what I’d say

Go home I would tell………. 

Stop stop stop again

Is not your life

A lottery gift

Where you were born

A chaotic shift 

What if you were born

In a different place

Somewhere far

A different race. 

Wales Germany China Iraq 

Would you still

The same opinions bark. 

Are we not on one whole earth

Why because you were born in one part 

You get more worth 

When a child dies in foreign field

No different level of pain does a parent yield. 

What is race but a dividing line

Would I be more attuned to pine 

One race I see when it comes to birth

All the same, human race, born on earth. 

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