Pull yourself together

At times the road just seems too much.
A vertical climb too steep
When you just want to let go
And not wake from this nights sleep

Afraid of the new dawn
The coming of the day
When it all seems too much
In bed you wish to stay.

The black dog barks
Snarls in morning light
Keeps you locked in
No more will or fight.

With all your might and energy
You try to face the day
But the darkness in your head
Keeps you where you stay.

When depression holds you
Keeps you locked inside
When the world is daunting
Your face you want to hide.

This fight is common
In people we all know
A mask of happiness
Inside they feel so low.

Don’t advise them, or push them
Saying “you need to do that or this”
Yes they are broken
But that’s not how we fix.

We’ll get through it eventually
This ever bumpy ride
We just need you
To journey by our side.

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