The first day after lockdown

It was the first day after lockdown
And I ventured out my door
And I was ever so glad
I didn’t have to stay home, no more

And rushed I did, to choir practice
Where our conductor, silenced with his baton tap.
We sang with glee and thankfullnes
And boy did we sound crap.

For months of no practice
Took a heavy toll.
But it mattered not
For we sung with heart and soul.

We sang the national anthem
As our conductors arms did fly
God save the queen but…
The Welsh sang Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

But as the rehearsal continued
We sang You’ll never walk alone
We appreciated each other
That made the Churchdown choir tone.

We sang to thank the key workers
That made it possible to sing once more.
To come together to practice
Through the community centre door.

A world in union we sang
An anthem to this world pandemic fight.
Our gratitude to the NHS
That put an end in sight.

And after the last note was finished
We sat in quiet still
And thought of our nations fallen
That lost lives to this greatest ill.

The first day after lockdown

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