Dedicated to a very special man. You know who you are baaa.


Ivor was a talented sheep
Singing from a lamb
He didn’t follow the rest
As he didn’t give a damn
His blessed bleating voice
Found him fabulous fame
And saved him many a time
From the harvesters flame
Ivor sang the West End
And Broadway in the US
The audience loved him
With his singing he did bless.
Then after the hight of fame
After he was at the top
He got older
And felt he had to stop.
He started to listen to critics
Who Ivor they would slam
The papers blasted saying…
He was mutton dressed as lamb.
But Ivor’s last performance
Was gawaddiod in Aberdare
And he sang to the best he could
And didn’t give a care.
After that Ivor disappeared
Vanished without a trace
However in aberdare can be seen
A fox with smile apon his face.

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