The little man

There was a little man
Who lived in a little house
Who’s love of cheese
Caused him, to befriend a little mouse.
They laughed and joked and discussed things
From politics to sport
They were both a little partial
To cheese and a little port.
Happy and contented
They lived a happy life
They chatted by the fire
Far from grief and strife.
Then one day the little mouse
Said to the little man.
“do you have any regrets to share?”
“Only one” he replied.
“would you care for me to share?”
“please do” said the very little mouse
As he listened with intent
And snuggled into the little man
And inquisitively his head, he lent.
The little man took off his spectacles
And took a long drawn breath
“It’s a story of love and life” said he
“and a very tragic death”
“When I was young
A child of little years
My father told me stories
That would calm my little fears.
I’d listened hard
and listened true
To every word of my fathers voice
Would listened stuck like glue.
He prepared me for the path ahead
Firm and planted in his stead
Stories to teach me for this life
Stories to help me through the strife
And prepared me did he
For all my years
Through happy days
To days of tears
For my stability
I have him to praise
For he has given me
Happy days ”
The little mouse
hitched up his head
And to the little man
He said.
” well that is lovely
Why have regret
Your dad allowed you
A good life to set”

The little man with tear in eye
Holding back trying not to cry
Said “I loved my dad”
“He gave me much
And forever
I will feel his touch.

But I regret one thing alone
One thing I don’t condone
He loved me and told me everything day
But it’s not a compliment I repay
I wish I told him when I had the chance
And that he could see how he made me dance.
If you feel it express it when you can
Because you never know when you’ll miss that man. ”

I love you said the little mouse
To the little man in the little house
I love you too he said in reply
To the little mouse who on his shoulder lie.

And they Sat there by the fire bright
And continued to chat into the night.

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