Black Friday 

Black Friday

Black Friday black Friday
What does it say
Sanity lost
As the cash we pay

Sell sell sell
Get what I can
Attack the old lady
The selfish man

What is our ethos
What about us does it say
As we forget our humanity
As prices we pay

What about family
And things about love
Kindness and peace
Lick branch of the dove

Want want want
What do really need
Black Friday consumes us
As we fuel the greed

What if we invested
In family and friends
And reflect on our wrongs
With foes make amends.

Blackness darkness
Devours the soul
The blackest Friday
In deepest dark hole.

An anti Christmas carol
Where we forget the old tale
Let’s assess our priority
And at Christmas not fail

What’s worth more?
A material thing?
Or to reach out to each other
And with brothers to sing.

Forget all the wealth
And open your sight
Forget black Friday
And turn it white.

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