Word Smith 

Word Smith 
Words so powerful

The sharpness of swords

Or blunt and pounding

Like hammer yielding hoards

They can lift you high 

Or break you down 

Evoke a smile 

Or conjure a frown 

Stick and stones they say

Can break your bone

But names will never harm 

Say that to the bullied teen alone 

Say it to the depressed

Or anorexic girl 

Or fat body boy

Who words they hurl 

Words have power

To set one free 

Or from life to hide

And make you flee. 

I give you the choice 

As smiths of words

On anvil of speech 

To forge the swords

A sword for truth

Cutting away the wrong

Or swords of hate

Creating an evil song. 

You are the custodians

With your undecided speech 

To curse or bless

With words you reach. 

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