Social media share

Social media share

Please share this emotive message
Or type a big amen
It’s one of those manipulative posts
That get people again and again
The message behind the message
Is not one of love
It’s about how many shares can I get
And not about anyone above.
For is there a social media god
That only to likes responds
Who won’t act to save a child
Until one million he con’s
Wake up its about the advertising
Or vanity at its worst
Don’t believe the shit
If you don’t share you will be cursed.
And remember before you share it
Ask. Could this be true?
For what harm could it do?
Even if it’s a load of poo?
Well what if I took a photo?
Of an innocent man
And placed the caption
Post and share please
Because this cretin broke into my van.
Post and share post and share
Cos if you don’t… Means you don’t care.
And you will lose all you hair!!
Hold on I’m bald already.
Then the penny drops with all its might
It’s just Facebook bollocks
And a load of shite.

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