The drunken undress


The drunken undress.

You climb the stairs
Stumbling up to top.
You realise you left the light on down
But you’re to pissed to stop.
The bedroom door, you crash through
Without control it swings so fast
All the shit behind the door
Across the bedroom it is cast.
Then comes the unbuttoning ceremony
The blighters are stuck tight
And you wobble unstable
And with your trousers fight.
A pop and ping
And drunken sing
The battle for the trousers win.
Then comes that pivot
Trousers half way down
Youve still got your shoes on clown.!
This is the point you tumble down
And there half clothed do stay.
Sparked out until the day.
And in the morning
Head in a vice
It wasn’t the drink that made me feel like this
It was last night’s curry and rice.

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